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Former WORLD BANK Senior Counsel Karen Hudes Exposes IRS and JESUIT connection, OBAMA being blackmailed, NUCLEAR False Flag attack on US soil….and MORE.


theunhivedmind says:

December 6, 2013 at 3:58 am

When you are told the UK banksters what you should be told is who are those banksters. The UK Bankster kingpins areThe Worshipful Company of Mercerswho held the first ever Bank of England meeting. These work for the City of London Corporationwho front for the ancient Londinium (New Jerusalem) power that serves the Vatican especially since 1215 onwards. The Vatican has been secretly controlled by the Jesuit Order since the early 19th Century after the Pope tried to destroy the Jesuits. The Jesuits at Mount Street, Westminster control Britain with an iron rod.

The City of London (continuation of the ancient Kingdom of Aragon power) which is overseen by King Juan Carlos the holder of the Commonwealth Crown since 1975, gets part funded out of the Federal Reserve Bank of Richmond and I believe they still supply the City of London payments in gold or did. Forget Janet Yellen and focus more on Jeffrey Lacker instead. North Carolina is key to the connection to the City of London Corporation.

Abraham Lincoln was forced into incorporating the United States after The Worshipful Company of Skinners demanded debt payments for the settling by the Virginia Company of London. From then on the American Republic was no more once the Jesuits realized the incorporating had nullified the Constitution. The Jesuits then had Lincoln assassinated using John Surratt and John Wilkes Booth paid via the Bank of Montreal by the 2nd Baron Stanley of Alderley. There was no way Lincoln was going to be able to dissolve the corporation once the debt had been paid to The City. The Vatican is the wealthiest corporation on Earth.

The Central Intelligence Agency was never really on the side of the people it was formed by the Order of Malta power part funded by stolen Torah Judiac wealth taken by the Nazis during the Holocaust. The Nazi SS and U.S Office of Strategic Services were merged and became the C.I.A. The Nazi element took over and this hides within the Directorate for Intelligence Division of the CIA. This Nazi element is currently run by Knight of Malta, George H.W Bush (former Nazi-SS spy) and has been for over thirty-years. This Nazi element is known as the Deutsche Verteidigungs Dienst who are based at Dachau in Bavaria and it uses Deutsche Bank as its banking funnel.

The most powerful intelligence agency is not the DVD (one of the most secretive) nor is it the CIA or MOSSAD who are both frankenstein monsters of the British Secret Intelligence Service. The king of intelligence agencies is The Entity which was really formed in 1541 like the Jesuit Order and run by very militant Jesuits. Even Everette Howard Hunt admits the Vatican has the greatest intelligence agency in the World and the CIA agents do not know how the Vatican does what it does.

-= The Unhived Mind



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