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World Watch with William Ross – December 18, 2012

Hope everyone is okay in making the best you can with in your day to day living and dealing with the you know who’s. Do not be too alarmed regarding 21 Dec there are far more reaching problems that we will be faced with in 2013. I hope to send you the up date soon.

Short note: As you know I try to keep abreast with what is happening around the world. The reason for this is that everything that happens in this world will have an impact on MILABs and that we should be ready for anything that comes our way so this is why World Watch has come about.

This gives the reader more insight into what is really happening in our world more so for the US and Britain and its allies since these nations are responsible for the MILAB programs so the greater population of MILABS rests with in those nations.

For 2013 will be a year that will give rise to emerging geopolitical military and economic alliances faster than what was thought possible among the nations as mistrust and old hatreds begin to refuel old memories and tensions arise.

For MILABS it is business as usual which is 24/7. For 2013 learn as much as you can in areas that you already know in other words expand on it. And increase whatever abilities you may still have or do have. The reason for this is so at the end of the day you know how to defend yourself to a small degree and there may be things that you could change for the better. 2013 will be a year that more of a spot light will be put on MILABS form the circular world so be ready for this it is coming. It may be a good thing however it could have an impact in your private lives. It has already begun with the internet putting more of a spot light on MKULTRA.

Also learn what edible plants and foods can be foraged in local areas and know where potable drinkable water can be located. I am not saying a disaster is going to strike. But things are beginning to heat up out there so this is for you benefit alone although you properly already know this. I hope with the new year changes will occur that may be of benefit to you all and to keep safe always. With kind regards William.


Over the last few months radical Islam has gained Momentum on its war against Christianity. Do not expect it to let up on its assault. What we should expect however is that the Vatican to begin to respond. The world is not too sophisticated to revive a crusade.

With the continued push European Government and the Vatican will begin to make life tougher for Muslims everywhere. Even with Jews in eastern Europe names of potential out spoken member of their communities are being taken down by authority’s there. So it will not be to long for the old labour and detention camps or World War II to be refitted and updated and again to be enacted.

Pope Benedict XV1 is looking a Asia Bibi, and the Catholic Victims of the bombing that took place in Alexandria, and the mass exodus of Catholics from Iraq and is becoming enraged.

A hatching of a strategy to confront this enemy in on its way. Keep an eye on the Vatican and the EU the two are bound together and pope Benedict let alone the next in line for pope will not hesitate for much longer to act upon radical Islam’s intensifying war on Christianity!


The Pentagon is modernizing and upgrading Nuclear weapons stockpile within the EU. The cost will be 10 Billion US dollars and will be Americas costliest mistake.

The EU will not always be Americas ally. Already many EU member states have close relations ships of connivance for now with Russia, China and other US competitors. It will be well advised that the US not put so much trust in Europe.

With a up and coming common new European Military command under way. This force is not going to give into meekly to Russia let alone the US. When they are stronger enough and under a strong leader ship form a more powerful assertive EU and able to assert them self’s be sure Britain will be the first to be its target for standing firm with the US.

Be sure that part of a double cross will be to enact a return a lot of Hydrogen bombs on the US. Those weapon will be under the EU high command which was the German high command. Strong word but theses bombs of back in the day are going to be used. And the EU will use them.


China’s economy is to surpass the US. China’s economy GDP this year was 7.7 percent. In 2013 it will be rise to 8.5 percent  This is to be measured in debt. The US owes China $1.15 Billion and it also owes Hong Kong $135 Billion. As the US debt grows China’s financial position will strengthen.


For now Britain is seeking to hold a joint military defense policy with France to cut costs. This will cut cost for France as well however These two for now will be controlled by the new Lisbon legal personality The EU Super state. Germany will not let Britain and France become too close it is Germany that dominates the EU. Britain thinks that seeking salvation from false EU Allies will save the day. Well they are in for a shocking double cross which is not so different for the MILAB programmes it is a dangerous gamble which has resulted in years of thousands of deaths and continued suffering and billions of dollars spent and still they do not have the perfect Human that may become a god.

It seems their alien friends are not so giving after all and seeking salvation form aliens is one hell of a laugh on board there ships I will tell you that now. I can just see the smirk on the greys faces let alone from all the other alien species when they meet to confer on the MILAB programs and the laughter in regards to the programmers and controllers let alone generals that they continue to lie too. With all the high tech and space fearing and still not one perfect un dying flesh and blood super human being yet.

Common sense dictates so long as you are flesh and blood you will never be a god.


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