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World Watch with William Ross – November 23, 2012


10 countries and six dialogue partners including India enjoyed considerable clout in the summit just gone. Thanks to 40 per cent share in global output and three Billion population. The aim is to lower all trade barriers across the whole region by the end of 2015 or sooner.

The US and Russia do not have status in the summit just observer status. Neither have such a bilateral treaty with the grouping or are involved in the RCEP Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership.

The seeds were sown last year during the ASEAN plus six meeting in Bali for RCEP.

According to South Korean trade minister Taeho Bark if the two regional trade pacts do come into existence to which they are it will be similar in Economic size to the EU. According to the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development which released a report. ASEAN nations are expected to average an annual rate of 5.5 per cent from 2013-17. The ground work is now set to bind theses nations together. Expect a regional security pact to also bind this in the near future.


A new currency will appear on the 1st January 2015 if not beforehand. A new Eurasian currency which will work for the denunciation of Belavezha Accords and restoration of the former Soviet Union.

Albeit in a new version 2.0 and an new market. Also for the first time the Ukraine is standing now at the cross roads wondering which union to join the EU or Russian former Union. This single currency for Russia, Belarus, and Kazakhstan with 200-250 million strong would work well with the Ukraine on board once integrated.

With this in mind the brother hood of Asian super ring is also about to be enacted upon. Russian Energy minister has returned to the development of the project to integrate power systems of Russia, China, and Japan. I was Japan that revisited the project and offered Moscow to recollect the brotherhood of the energy ring. This was announced in August at a meeting between Chief adviser to the Japanese prime Minister Ladashi Maeda and Russians energy Minister Alexander Novak.


Spain is provoking Gibraltar again the UK repeatedly made diplomatic protests to Spain over attempts by the Spanish stole authorial to exercise jurisdiction in British Gibraltar territorial waters

Spain is trying to whip up a storm over Gibraltar could because they think Britain is weak and will back down. They are also taking a leaf out of Argentina’s book over the Falkland Islands. This also distracts the Spanish populous from the economy. Spain will continue to push at Britain and Britain will give Gibraltar up.


Keep an eye on Jerusalem with Gaza continuing to push against Israel with the backing of Egypt and Iran. Egypt is the real power behind the push.  Israel will become exulted and will seek help by Germany and the EU in the end since the US will not help in the long term. Expect Jerusalem to explode in violence not before long. And that the nations about her scheme to take control of the East part of that city.


The EUs agenda to enroll Latin American Union into its course  is about to come into being. The EU reached out to Latin America for Economic help by making a reverse course with the help from Latin American nations by making strides toward making unification among themselves. Spanish Foreign Minister Garcia-Margallo explained that the EU crisis is not an economic one but a political one with this in mind the US banking crisis could suddenly result in triggering European nations to unite as a new world power larger than the former Soviet Union and the United states. A political Union with the EU and South America combining Mexico would be a remedy for the Europeans economic trouble. As is evident in Margallos statement in the annual Ibero-american Summit. Expect the EU to continue to make inroad into its former Latin American Colonies and for a Union.



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