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World Watch with William Ross – April 24, 2013


By William Ross

UK: Bring down London and you bring down the UK. Britain is uniquely independent on its finance industry more so than any other major power. Yet Europe seems determined to destroy or at least cripple London. The European Parliament is to impose a cap on the amount of money bankers can receive in bonus. Of course this is an economic war on an industry vital to Britain Economy.

The EU is attacking the financial health of the nation. Mayor of London Boris Johnson said” This is vengeful and self-defeating attempt to pick on London. Well the same thing can be said of the US and Britain spending billions of dollars stolen for black project in an attempt to use and destroy the lives of MILABS.

A second attack is a financial transaction tax. Even with Britain blocking this. Europe has found a way to make it hurt. Britain has a strong independent financial service sector within their economy. It has created a strategic weakness Europe is now exploiting. Britain will try to court Germany for help. Europe’s attack on Britain shows that it is not Britain’s friend.

LATIN AMERAICA: Restoring Europe’s Latin America. Taking the Papal throne, the watchful eye of Pope Emertus Benedict XV1, Pope Francis looks set to begin the third and final act in Rome’s effort to draw the continent of Latin America under its influence to forge an intercontinental empire. This drive is crucial for resources and man power that will be needed to help replenish Europe to the west and help bring about an embargo against North America in the future.

China/north Korea: The reason why China supports North Korea is because it serves Chinas ambitions. Both with in the region and in the Global arena! It also serves as a distraction to China’s competitors in the region, which in the short term will keep Japan and South Korea off balance.

As an instrument to push and distract western aligned governments; thereby undermining US interests in Asia, North Korean Kim Jong’s ideologies and ambitions align perfectly with China’s; which could lead to destabilization of the Dollar as the world’s reserve currency and the financial system. And create doors of competition in space as well as undermining US power in cyber space; while seeking dubious relationships with anti US regimes in Africa and Latin America with the goal of consistently handicapping US diplomatic ventures around the world. It pleases China that Pyongyang’s nukes are pointed not west, but east towards the US.

The age of Nuclear Proliferation should be taken seriously they are going to be used in one form or another.

USA: At the heart of the MILAB programs stands DARPAS headquarters which now employs 1100 people. It has moved to Randolph 675n St Washington to a new building. It is not too far from the Pentagon and only minutes away from the airport.

USA: The second Super soldier Summit is about to begin on My 17-18-19 Henderson, NV Just outside of Las Vegas. Be sure to get tickets now to attend this most important yearly event for MILABS and Mind control victims. Here you can network with other likeminded individuals and in the process learn something new or memories of a double life that involves the other person you have just met. During this time be sure to look after each other. Be polite, and well-mannered to those in and around Henderson, NV; as people will be watching you on how you act. So try to show that you are better than your oppressors. The way you act and talk and present yourselves will be very important at this summit. As others within MILAB programmes will be watching you.

Since super soldier knowledge is becoming main stream on TV and the internet. People now know it is real. And this will increase as this year draws out. Most of all have some time out and go and have a drink and a meal with some of your fellow super soldiers. The more the better and learn as much as you can from each other. Wish I was there enjoy.


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