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World Watch with William Ross – February 12, 2013

ROME: Pope Benedict XVI is to resign on 28th February 2013 , the first Pope to do so since 1415. This sets the stage for the conclave to elect a new pope before the end of march. There are several in waiting but the this next pope will bind the EU together to give it more teeth in the international world stage.

EU: It seems the EU is about to show its teeth in the face of spreading Islamist terror and the dislocated global order. A new leadership is waiting in the wings. With a new Pope about to come on the stage a new leader from central Europe will tie the two together for a common goal. This new leader is one with charisma and the power of imperialist conviction and spiritual allegiance to Rome. So keep an eye on the elections of Italy this month and in Germany in September for an indication on the direction of European politics. The way is already prepared for these two leaders to take on the leadership of the world new super power- The European Union.

JAPAN: Today Japan looks eerily like the 1930s with China putting pressure on nations like Japan and the failed of the US. This gives Japan a new heart toward marching toward militarism. Defense ministry was asked why they needed the additional funds. Defense spokesman gave a thinly veiled answer. To prepare for the changing security environment surrounding Japan. Nationalism is a self-perpetuating ideology, perhaps more so in Asia than in any other continent. Each Asian nation views each other as rivals. At this time Japan, China, and south Asia and the south east are all in disputes because of China’s push and rise to the top. On top of this you have a colossal European force rising at the same time. In saying this there will come a time when the East will have to put aside all differences. Keep an eye on Japan as old imperialist views will come onto the forefront. But this time Japan will work with China and Asia. Expect Russia and India to join this club of the east.

AUSTRALIA AND NEW ZEALAND: With China’s ascendancy, neighbors are becoming nervous. Here is an opportunity to expose the United States as unreliable ally. Put all of this in mind the US is trying to step up its involvement in the Pacific and so does China.

China is well aware of the subtle push from the US to gain more influence and simultaneously slow the role which the Chinese economy and military are dominating the east. One of China’s tools used to pressure the United States is North Korea as they rely heavily on imports from mainland China. More than two thirds of North Korea’s food come from China and more than half of its energy. The US strategy to unify the various Asian powers against China is failing. However theses nations will put aside their differences and rally in strength. With its many religious and political differences. Asia is set to become a common power bloc with China at the Helm. Expect China to expand its influence to control the entire Asia Pacific Region.

Australia, New Zealand and other pacific nations are all being targeted by China for their reserves , minerals, and their industrious work force once the US is out of the picture. Certain Asian nations that have a more of a sea fearing militaristic force in the Pacific will be used as a spear head for this coming conflict. But I may be jumping the gun. When world events are triggered, as we all know, things can happen within weeks not months.

MILABS: I have done three video slides on you tube on MILABS and how they come to be. They show the high tech and trauma side of life. I am going to be making a lot of these videos because I want to get it out to the world that MILABS exist and as well as those who are behind it and why and where it is leading too and who are the major players involved. So I am going to be working hard for you all. I have made these videos in a way which I feel can capture the audience and so far responses have been very positive.


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