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World Watch with William Ross – January 3, 2013


Jordan had invited the EU to monitor it elections. The EU sent 140 observer from 27 member states. It was to be a first in an effort to win support in its battle against the Muslim brotherhood. Jordan is willing to turn to the EU for support against the Muslim brotherhood. Expect the EU to station a base and troops in Jordan as a counter balance and a stepping stone to the rest of the middle east and Israel.


Germany and Japan Bio-pharmaceutical Axis powers has begun. Lwami Asakawa Germany’s trade and representative in Tokyo said “with world class Pharmaceutical industries and cutting edge research, Germany and Japan are natural partners.” Both are facing the same challenges that come with aging societies. The conditions are right to intensify cooperation in order to share costs and speed market entry.

Both will be maximizing their Biotech momentum into market dominance amid rapid US fiscal decline. Japans rise melees Germany in conjunction with the great eastern powers of Eurasia.


While the US administrations have been ignoring Cuba for decades, Poe Benedict XV1 and his Vatican hierarchy have been working behind the scenes to collaborate with Havana to combat the US embargo and support the Cubans Governments incremental economic reforms.

With this in mind both the Vatican and Germany are working together to reshape the destiny of the most strategic Island in the Caribbean only 90 miles away from the mainland. The EU also are dramatically increasing their involvement in the nation of Panama its self. President Ricardo Mortinelli told Angela Merkel that his country would soon like to introduce the Euro as legal tender alongside the US Dollar.

With China that already holds the panama canal both the European and Oriental nations would be able to utilize their close alliance with Latin America states to help reshape a new world order right on the door steps of the US.


Cyprus president was forced to sign a bailout and compares it to being invaded by Turkey. Now Europe will essentially take control of the Mediterranean Island. Spiegel warned in return for the bail out, the Troika will essentially be in control of the Mediterranean island. Cyprus will still obtain control of its oil and gas reserves a portion to pay of the dept.

With this in mind filling the gap, the Balkan Peninsula, Malta, Greece, Cyprus Lebanon, Turkey are all stepping stones for a more powerful EU via the Mediterranean to Iran and Israel. With German troops already in Pakistan and Afghanistan and with Syria about to call for the EU to step in and help and with Jordan willing to have the EU stationed with in its boarders. The dreams of the elites of Europe  are now starting to manifest.

With this move Germany have increased and strengthened its strategic process of surrounding Iran in preparation for its project assault on that nation. It will not be the US that will attack Iran (see note below). Expect the EU to step up its involvement in middle eastern affairs.


I wish I could say good news and something different but this is World Watch so things have to be told as they are and as they are happening or about to happen soon.

Bending the world to its rules, a regulatory war has erupted between the EU and the US. EU competition Commission Neclie Kroes initiated a new antitrust investigation into the Goliath of American company’s Microsoft.

This was the salt on an already painful wound for Microsoft. The EU blasted the corporate giant with another record $899 million fine. All told Microsoft gave the European Commission a US$2.6 billion- no small change.

Microsoft is not the only one. Several American company’s which the suits in Brussels have pointed their legal cannons at are Qualcomm, Intel, MasterCard, Google, and Apple. It seem the industrial complex that has feed the black projects are about to get burnt in the West. When Microsoft waved its white flag the Wall Street Journal said that this shows that Europe now writes the rules of global business across the board – unapologetically to the benefit of its own industry.

This sent a new message to the US companies looking to do business on the continent your only option is to obey. Funny that.

The EU has unmatched power to dictate global policy far beyond its own borders. You can be sure that Europe regulatory imperialism will grow more intense. Mario Monti the former EU competition commission responsible for Europe’s success, told an Italian New Paper that putting such US giants in their place was “the true strength of a United Europe.”  Neelie Kroes EU commissioner for competition celebrated the decision by musing about how low should Microsoft fall.

It is now Europe versus America. These people wield much more power and prestige than US counterparts. History offers a powerful lesson we would do well to remember as we watch this trend to continue. The nation controlling the World economy possesses the political and strategic power to shape the world.

A little note: for those MILABS living in the Seattle areas of the US keep an eye for quakes and HARRP activity to increase it may not be nothing but all the same be watchful. Something is about to be played out in that area. Keep water supplies and long-time food and torches and necessities on the ready. As I said this may not be anything and I may be wrong but be on the ready in case for the weeks and months ahead. For MILABS those in New York areas keep supplies and clothing and necessities within your means. Again this may not be anything however it is not over yet for that city and surrounding areas in the months ahead.

Comment from James : Note the rumor is Iran has successfully built a Fusion Reactor and is producing so much cheap electricity they are making a killing selling it to their neighboring countries. This is very bad news to the cabal whose power is dependent on keeping the price of electricity and energy high to enslave their people. All this saber rattling about Iran may very well be to shut down alliterative sources of energy which will compete with their monopolies. 


  1. Iran’s weakness is probably its young military force, although Iran is well defended geographically. Iran must be conquered to complete Illumination, at least on a symbolic level of existence. All seeing Eye on the Iranian Fars(i) of nuclear enrichment. Same M.O. invade, leave a mess, steal artifacts, form a ring around Russia, China, take the oil,


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