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World Watch with William Ross – March 7, 2013


By William Ross

JAPAN: Japan continues to defy the American and Chinese governments generating shock waves around the world. In Washington, D.C. Japanese Prime Minister Shinzō Abe declared that Japan will remain a superpower. He stated that Japan is not and will never be a second tier country and pledged to bring back a stronger Japan for the betterment of the World.

The use of phrase “Japan is Back” has grated China’s nerves and has left the US having second thoughts in its pivot point over Asia. As Japan continues to assert its self you can expect its old empire tendencies to arise again as she sets her eyes for a retake of a pacific expansion with the help of her allies in Asia.

IMF: The IMF continues its push for a global currency with the repudiation of the US dollar as the worlds reserve currency.

RUSSIA: Russia is set to resume a permanent intensification of a Mediterranean naval presence. With all the saber rattling you can expect European powers to hasten momentum for unification.

BRITAIN: Britain has been humiliated of the superpower it once was with the loss of its AAA credit rating.

GERMANY: Germany’s President made a personal appeal to Britain to persuade them not to turn its back on the EU. He also insisted that Europe needs deeper unity to remain a significant player in a globalized world. From Schloss Bellevue Castle , German President Joachim Gauck acknowledged that the decision over EU membership ultimately rests with the people of Britain.

If Britain exits the EU, Europe will assert its self and bulldoze Britain off the world map given the right circumstances and advantage. Hard words but it is a reality for the elites of central Europe where they drive hard at those who oppose them. If the US and Britain want a fourth state they will indeed get just that. In his speech Gauck added “Dear people of England, Wales, Scotland, and Northern Ireland and dear new British citizens. We would like you to stay with us. We need your experience as the oldest parliamentary democracy and we need your traditions, your soberness, and your courage.” But all this talk is falling on deaf ears as UK Prime Minister David Cameron has said that in the next elections he will give the people a referendum choice over whether they want to stay in the EU or not.

Gauck insisted that Berlin is not trying to overpower Europe. Despite this appeal from Germany’s president you can expect more pressure to be place on Britain to either melt into a more powerful European Union or leave it altogether. After Britain’s 36th year anniversary as a member of the EU, things are heating up. Dramatic events are about to unfold on the continent and Britain will be left out in the cold.

THE BALKANS: The EU moves to invite the Balkans into the European fold. This will form a larger Eastern European Bloc and will remain a crucial role in strengthening the European super state. But keep your eyes on Russia, Germany, and the EU as they hash out a kind of non-aggression pact akin to the Molotov-Ribbentrop pact struck just days before World War II. The EU has informed Serbia and Albania that they are ready to be placed on the fast track to full EU membership. As a major point of tension between Russia and Europe, history demands that we keep an eye on the Balkans.

But while this is going on Russia and Serbia signed a deal to construct a planned center for emergencies in the south eastern city of Niš, Serbia. This center will solidify political, intelligence, and military connections to the highest levels in the Kremlin. It has the potential to define how the world looks at the Balkans and Russian involvement. It will be operated by the Russian Ministry for emergency situations. Moscow continues to lay logistical ground work in Serbia that intentionally has no military value. This is Moscow’s first foreign logistical center since the collapse of the former Soviet Union. In a recent visit to Belgrade by Russian President Dmitry Medvedev it must be concluded that Russia is moving into the Balkans with enthusiasm.

ROME: A new and powerful Pope unlike the ones before him will rise in power by Sunday the earliest. The former pope will be working behind the scenes to enforce the discipline of the faith under the direction of the new Pope. A third pope, being the black pope, will continue to operate as normal. However he may well be replaced or continue on to work with the Illuminati. Expect the Vatican to get a more powerful seat within the EU as it seeks to change its laws and enforce them.

INDONESIA: Indonesia has spent $16.7 billion is to finance military equipment to empower the might of its air, army, and naval armaments, with Germany being the main supplier of its war ships and high tech equipment.

These buildups include 30 Sukhoi SU fighter jets from Russia, KT1 Wong bee trainer/light attack planes from South Korea, Tucano anti insurgency planes from Brazil, and leopard main battle tanks from Germany. Its naval regiment includes several new war ships and South Korean submarines. Also under the scheme is the production of a 4.5 generation jet code named KFX. Roll out is slated by 2020 but expect this date to be expedited. 200 or so KFX fighter jets are slated for manufacture for both Indonesian and South Korea Air Forces.

Additionally Indonesia has allocated funds to procure 24 F-16 C/D fighter jets manufactured in the US as well as AH64 Apache helicopters for its army. Arm forces number 52,000 as well as 476,000 army, marine, and air force personnel serving aboard 10 frigates, 20 corvettes, 5 subs, 14 war ships, 10 guided missile strike craft, 14 fast patrol crafts, 24 fiberglass patrol boats, 5 landing platforms, 29 amphibious ships, 1 tactical command ship.

Indonesia is ranked number eleven in the arms race. Australia better watch their back because Pine Gap and the other 6 NSA bases are not going to save face at the end of the day. Today Indonesia is the equivalent of Japan at the beginning of World War II in both man power and war ships. It is something that Australia is not aware off nor care off until there is a knock at their back door.


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