The EU plans to create New Military Head Quarters despite Britain’s objections. Britain knows that with this about to happen there could be trouble for Britain. So a new OHQ will be implemented. France is also planning to stop individual nations from being able to veto defense issues.

Key nations such as Germany, Italy, France, Spain and Poland will discuss in Paris how to move forward. This will come under the cooperation on Security policy in the EU. The plan to establish a military headquarters is to be revived and implemented even against London’s resistance and objections. I have to remind that key nations other than Britain hold Nuclear missiles with in each of those nations. Under a security plan such as this they will be able to combine the weapons under the new defense HQ operations. This is another reason Britain is so very worried.


The EU is about to become a super state. The commission will become the government and the council will become the second chamber. Parliament will take EU responsibilities. A EU with its own Government complete with a two-chamber system-a congress and a senate. Merkel is pushing for this until then the Euro may change and create a basis properly.


Asian trade bloc to counter the US will come into force soon. The Bloc will cover 28 per cent of the world’s GDP and it will be comprised of the 10 nations of ASEAN and as well as 6 others China, Japan, India, South Korea, Australia and New Zealand. This will lower trade barriers by 2015 and will be similar to the EU. However Australia and New Zealand may end up opting out later on. Expect Russia to join this trade Bloc.


Chinese submarines are to Carrie Nukes. Beijing is to maintain focus on building itself as the hegemony of Asia. With this in mind China is about to scrape its policy on the one child policy for the lower classes. And reintroduce a policy for the lower classes to have as many children as they want. The reason why is China now has its massive army for implementation.


The US total debt is 16 trillion. More debt than anyone has ever had on Earth. And that does not include the money spent on the black projects and you and I come under. The perception of the US has changed since the days of being a super power. It is looked upon by the world as sick patient on its death bed.

(note total unfunded us government liabilities  such as social security  medicare, etc is closer to $100 trillion USD but that number is really a fictional electronic ledger anyway as they create as much money they want in their derivative shell game. This amount could easily be paid off provided their books where audited and diverted funds placed back in the general budget – James Rink)

The US global strategy of massive military presence to secure energy and resources and trade routes can no longer be maintained. The US is becoming so weak that it will not be able to protect its own oil imports. It is heading into a terrifying darkness that the US will not survive after it. Given the fact that two major trade and military blocs are coming on the world stage. South America is also forming its own trade bloc and will implement a joint military security shield. The US will not be invited into that Bloc. With Britain about to leave the EU and the US Isolated these blocs will eventually secure an embargo sine the US will not be able to trade. Together with continued bombardment from the US own HARRP weapons system on its own people it does not look good mixed together with further droughts to come. In saying this what too is the state of the hidden space and technological world that we are under with the US and Britain. Unless there is a major change for good the US will continue to decline.