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World Watch with William Ross – October 18, 2012

Britain: Britain is slowly coming away from the EU with opting out of 130 EU laws. Germany has tried to keep Britain in the EU but not anymore together with Sweden and Switzerland these nations will be watching on the side lines.

EU and Galileo: With the lunch of Galileo new satellites they will be 10 times more accurate than the GPS. Galileo only makes sense on the context of European military action and infrastructure security independent of the US. It is one of Europe’s challenges to US monopoly and military dominance of its GPS. This will be for full independence and superpower status.

Spain: Watch EU elites rush together a formula for Spain’s survival economically and socially to cement that that nations role in an up and coming 10 power combine or groupings within the EU. As with South America Spain is the key nation together with Portugal that binds Latin America and with its rich resources with in that continent for this up and coming EU power house. The resources will be needed to fuel the new Core nations of the EU when the crisis is ridden of.

UN: The UN to send European troops to Syria. About 3000 peace keeping troops will be sent. Germany will be the spear head for this operation. According to German Foreign German participation should be assured this region is so important to the EU that they have committed thousands of troops to UNFIL. If the peace keeping mission is blocked by China and Russia, they will find a way to turn Syria around into a European ally.

European troops is the logical choice for Syria would command them equally well to Israel should Arab states start pushing at Israel Europe will already be in Israel.

US: Detroit is a city facing irreversible decline with mismanagement and corrupt officials has turned Americas most prosperous city’s into a crumbling, crime ridden post-industrial ruin. According to a report people have more chances of being killed in Baltimore than in Johannesburg, South Africa. St Louis is more dangerous than Mosul Iraq, Panama City Panama.

It seems that with up and coming violence and riots. America’s cities will burn from within. As the US and Britain become less and less competitive worldwide. Unemployment will steadily increase as that happens rioting and violence will become more prevalent.

At the same time America risks the slow dismantlement of the greatest military on Earth said Representative Forbes. Americas getting crushed by dept. on top of this 39.000 fake Chinese chips illustrates, America has knowingly opened the gates to allow Trojan horses inside its sturdiest wall of defense- and by the boatload.

Coupled with the black budgets projects and MILAB programmes with sabotages knowingly at a tick. Together with Chinese aggression in the Pacific and Russians resurgence in the Arctic and the resurgence of a German Led EU super power it paints a sobering picture and this is not what a superpower is supposed to look like.

US allies in Japan, Philippines, South Korea, and especially Taiwan, New Zealand, Australia and Israel should pay particular attention to this news. As for MILABS always be on the watch to what is happening around your world and be corsage in your daily lives. Just because we are SS does not mean our lives are not at risk. We are more at risk than all of the above so do not be caught up in all. Always observe and listen. Although we have enough on our hands with you know whose. The World does not stop so neither should we?


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