Milabs, Monarchs, Mkultra


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  • Vernon Kerr says:

    As a former systems integrator of cinema and television CGI systems, in my opinion, there is nothing in this video that would rule out computer animation. All of the reflections, ambient lighting etc. is common everyday stuff for computer graphics.

    • Jeff says:

      I’ve been saying for awhile now that those grainy jumpy videos of UFO’s from say Hi8 or VHS from the 80’s and 90’s are becoming more and more credible seeing how advanced we are with video technology now. My 8th grade nephew made a movie with a green blanket, new Canon and Final Cut in his living room that rivals “Independence Day”. You couldn’t just upload magnetic tape footage and throw whatever in back then. I remember editing Hi8 tapes at the local Community Channel, took forever just to string together scenes, much less add effects.

      On a completely different note, James, when can we expect some more videos on YOU? You’re a good listen when not interviewing others. Any regressions or news in Rink world that would be of interest?

      Keep up the good work.

  • ttid89 says:

    The black sun are underneath Denver Airport so i’ve heard, could just be rumour but any way it’s one for the researchers, also heard the bell was at Wright Patterson Airforce Base or the NSA Bluemoon Base (Kirlkland Airforce Base)

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