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Your All Puppets of James Rink

puppets of james

A message from Krista

I am the girl in the videos! I’m not a clone just got done crying over a lifetime movie… so this would be impossible. James doesn’t have my permission to extort me anymore, so he decided rather to protect my privacy and remove my videos like I asked, to hold them hostage, and fool his followers into thinking I’m in some sort of trouble. NO guys…he asked you to DL my video as much as possible…simply because he is an egotistical asshole!

James… I asked you fro the safety of myself, my career and my family to remove my post from you tube… not only did you refuse to do that because you said ” I have rights to all the types I make from youtube copyright,” but now you are asking people to replicate it, and download it.

I made these videos when I was scared and confused. Now I am being threatened of my job and my family’s safety. I need these videos down.

PLEASE ANYONE reading this..don’t trust James… he IS one of them! Why else would he hold videos hostage whent he interviewees ask them to take them down? Why else would he ask you all to MAKE COPIES and spread it over the internet, to put me in more harm as I am under attack??

James… I’m so hurt about how shitty of a friend/person you turned out to be. Please remove the videos, you don’t have my permission to have them live anymore. Thanks!


Clones are dimwitted, lack a connection to god source, lack intuition, and have no compassion. Though they have feelings they are superficial, narcissistic, and selfish. I have always been about disclosure and anyone who tells another not to hear or listen to something is only doing so to control others. The Krista I remembered was loving , open minded , and brave which so far are qualities that seem to have suddenly disappeared.

I have spent nearly 60 hours of my time helping Krista integrate and heal and in return all i wanted was to spend some time remote viewing the trauma I was forced to go through with Krista’s help. These interviews represent this testimony as it relates to me. I have asked and was granted permission by Krista before I placed it on the public forum as a testimony in case someone tries to kill me. Additionally I have Krista on record saying she is not scared of her family or those after her any more and together we made the decision to be bold. Many of us have suffered greatly loosing not only our jobs , families, institutionalized, or even killed simply by speaking our truth. A whistle blower is never loved and I am sorry to hear you are not up to the task. But regrettably you made a free will choice to help me and if you feel that was the wrong decision then that’s something your going to have to live with. 

No one is extorting anything if anything you are harassing me as nothing in the videos can personally identify you and no face is shown. You helped me out of your own free will and i did nothing wrong. Let this be your lesson in life and move on. – James Rink


None of you have any idea of the true James Rink, you have all (unwittingly) become his puppets here in blindly following his judgement and ideas regarding this situation – James you may be able to fool those who don’t actually know you , however those in the know know exactly who you are and what you get up too.

James at the end of the day the one your damaging the most here with your unique and twisted takes on the so called ”truth” is your own souls growth, for as you should know, every action has a a reaction. These reactions will bounce straight on back at you as the universal karmic laws come in to take their. own God given course.

The sad thing is, there are many desperate young souls that you have access to via your ”self taught” hypnotic regression techniques ~ i can only hope and pray that as a result of all this, others think long and hard before allowing you access to them in these sessions you seem to so like to perform ~

James, i wish you all the luck in the world, as seems to me as a direct result of so many ‘bad’ choices, you are in for a very bumpy ride ~ so you’d do well too remember along the way that it’s never, ever too late to repent and pray – N


If you don’t like the work I do then do it yourself. I am not forcing anyone to contact me or seek my help they do it out of their own freewill. To many people are all talk and no action. I don’t profess to have all the answers. No one has handed me a manual on how I am supposed to help everyone, but at least I am doing something. So other than complain about my lack of customer service what have you done to help the world? – James Rink


Krista?,   I am sorry you are so angry now. I don’t know the whole truth, and I did not think you were a clone.  But I am curious.  If what you said on the video was not true, why were you saying it?  And why did you give him permission to post the videos, I listened while doing other things, but I do remember that part at the end you told him he could use your first name and he said, he did not even know your last name.  You sound more like a vindictive ex girlfriend.  It doesn’t make sense.  The only thing that actually makes sense, is that what you said was true, and you have since been threatened, abused, or had your memories altered, or something similar.  By your angry protests, you are actually making me believe the video more than I did before, and I will re listen to it.  I am sorry if any harm has come to you. – E


How is he extorting you? They are his videos to do with what he pleases. You agreed to do HIS videos on YOU own FREE will. I suggest you just move on and forget  about this. James owns these videos you speak of and you can be sued for slander if you continue. – S


James it’s important we look at her mental fluctuations which switch from asking nicely to threats. A big jump in psychology would suggest this is pure evidence of bipolarism and alters switching. She is in my opinion, fine for the time being but a handler or doctor should notice she is a potential  malfunction waiting to happen or has it happened already? – C


James If you don’t delete those videos a shit storm of bad karma is going to rain down on you. You are violating Krista’s free will moral agency. If you don’t respect her freewill universal law dictates that bad karma will be returned back to you. If anything you can keep the information private for your own records. -M


Hello thanks for your input but you do realize the videos where edited by me, uploaded by me, and the content was about me. If Krista recorded , edited , and posted the interviews only later removing them from her own account for “privacy issues”  I would have no objections since I didn’t do any of the work.

If anything a shit storm of bad karma will come on those who try to violate my free will decision. I did not come to this planet and spend years of my life being traumatized by milabs only to keep the information “private” for my own records. I intend to continue exposing what was done to me in the hopes this message can reach those who need it . Light is truth and the truth shall set you free. So let us now consider some words of wisdom from a wise sage. 

“You are the salt of the Earth.  When the salt loses its savor, with what will you salt?  It is of no further use except to be thrown out and stepped on by the people.  You are the Light of the world.  The city that is on top of a mountain cannot remain hidden. Neither do men light a candle and put it under a bushel, but rather place it on a candlestick, and it gives light to all the people in the house.  Let your light so shine before the people so that they will see your good works and recognize the truth of your knowledge.” – James Rink



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