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Your interview with Michael Spinler


James I noted this in the Michael Spinler Material:

“He then has a flashback. He then remembers when he was 12 years old being taken to the woods near a red barn in Michigan to some kind of training facility for boys. He was taken here every autumn to be trained. About 50 boys were taken and 5 or so died each year. It made him feel superior to watch them die, because he survived.

He thinks it might be Base M-552 where the letter “M” stands for Michigan. There is a sister facility known as Q-552 which is probably in Québec. There is a system to get from one base to the other base in an hour or so. The personnel all have wear the same badges but with different colors.”

I believe one of the facilities (which had a big red barn) I was taken to was in Sodus, Michigan, and it was owned by Valdus Adamkus who was president of Lithuania two times.   He doesn’t mention it in his bio, but everyone who went to Tabor Farm knew that he had owned it.   He didn’t own it initially at the time I was there, only later in the early 60’s.  But my parents knew him, and knew him from there.      Adamkus mentions that he was in intelligence for Lithuania, but previously I read that he was in intelligence for the U.S. also.   He also worked for the EPA.   Strange that a man with a high level political career would first of all, own this little resort in the Midwest,  but also that it’s never mentioned in his bio.

I was taken to this resort several times in the late 50’s-early 60’s; I drowned there when I was 5.  My memory is of flipping over in an inner tube, but that could be a screen memory.  The resort was open from the late 1800’s to 1990-91.  And even if the resort had closed down, doesn’t mean that it still wasn’t being used for training/programming, especially if the training facility was below ground.

Also strange is that Adamkus lived down the road from me when I bought my house in 1991.

Anyway, I remember the big red barn, the area around this place is very wooded:


You can find more pictures on Facebook on a page called Tabor Farmers.


Response From Michael Spinler:

James I don’t know, it wasn’t winter so its iffy. It might might be but this is overly dramatic in memory, that’s like a simplified version to what i remember. No fences and guns and craziness. The but porch out front if it was a 3ft tall porch is spot on to what I was on. I came out the barn which was behind and came out onto a porch like that with a building real close to my left and some more open field area to my right and a few buildings scattered but the building to my front left was like.. feet away.


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