Tuesday, July 23, 2024

Your super soldiers are nothing but bullshit artists

FUCK YOU! The last time I killed, I killed at least 3 cops, and my handlers cleaned up my mess.

And your ‘remote viewer’ is full of crap. He didn’t remote view anything — he just made shit up. I remote view, and I know what it’s like. It’s not like that.

When I first started getting my memories back, my grandpa took me to a university hospital because of my health. I was dying. They immediately put me in intensive care because the doctor said I had a 50% chance of dying at that time. A couple days later, they moved me to a regular room. This 225 lb ex-marine started a fight with me, and I knocked him about 30 feet down the hall. I was 118 lbs at the time and fresh out of intensive care. Your super soldiers are fake.

I was in battle. Several of them. I’m not interested in being part of your scam. Also, I’m not hero. I did what I did when I had fighters eyes. I felt no fear at that time because of my eyes — I also didn’t remember anything, at the time, because of those eyes as well. I’m not interested in participating in your BS, and I’m no hero even though I’ve been in battle. My eyes caused me to have no fear. The real heroes were the other 4 members of my squad who did it with normal eyes.

Your regressions are a joke, and I’m left pissed off at you and these people. I legitimately was part of something, and I’m seeking answers. Then, I run into con artists like you and all these fake ass people you jokingly regress that make up shit to make a good story and make themselves sound important. You’re nobody and neither are they. You and them are fake super soldiers. It makes me want to get back in shape and approach the people I was involved with and take you fucks on missions.

I want to take you fucks on missions so you can see what a real super soldier does and watch you curl up into a little ball and piss and shit yourselves when you’re involved in a REAL mission like I was involved in. You people are bullshit.

I’m not sure what my squad was capable of without me because they had no memory problems like I did because of fighters eyes, but my missions were us being dropped in front of as few as 10 or 12 enemies and as many as a thousand with no weapons, and we’d have to engage them in hand to hand combat. We didn’t have any weapons, but they almost always did. Any weapons we used we got from them. Because of fighters eyes, that’s all I was good for. That’s what I did.

After I was discarded, my squad replaced me with this guy:


That was my replacement in my squad. They trained him for years to make him my replacement. They trained me for 2 weeks. I don’t look like that anymore, and I never did. I had big muscles when I was 17, but not as big as his. That’s what a REAL super soldier looks like. You and your phony ass super soldiers with scrawny arms are fake. Real super soldiers look something like that.

I just wonder, do you walk around thinking your a super soldier? Kid, the shit I’ve been thru would make you wet your sponge bob boxer shorts. Get real. You were never a super soldier and neither was any of these people you coach into building a ‘great story.’

You and your super soldiers are nothing but bullshit artists. Fuck you and fuck them. It makes it harder for legitimate people to get answers. FUCK YOU!

Dear Sir,  in my avatar form I am 6’5″ and have bones stronger then diamonds. I am so telekinetic I could explode peoples heads if need be. But there really is no point proving who has the largest dick in this matter, and since you admit you and your squads memories where not fully wiped shows me you are not in the same program as us and have no business anyway judging that which you have no conception of.

Many victims have suffered greatly under trauma, abuse, and mind control. With each person having their own special and unique experience. Some super soldiers may have been officially in the military while others where taken against their will and used in what is known as a milab. All of them have something in common that is, they are humble and only kill after being brainwashed or provoke into the chore only to live a shattered life often unaware of the things they where forced to do under mind control. 

Its a bit unfair to color all super soldiers in the same category as your own. Isn’t that like like apples vs oranges. Which is better? Perhaps the one who has a open mind and heart and willingness to find the truth that they seek.

Honestly you sound like dumb grunt whose gun ho to get the job done. Not that your services aren’t valued as a whore to the powers that be as I am sure your “fighter eyes” would agree. A true super soldier engages all faculties of the mind, body, and soul . With the emphasis on the soul, as the true source of our strength comes from the intuitive abilities of the quiet spirit of god within that is harnessed like an abomination to the arrogance of humanities darkest moment.


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