Monday, July 15, 2024

YouTube Strike Censored Me Again

YouTube Censored our black goo presentation with Rainetta Jones and Brad Olsen. The video was published at 11pm EST on Monday Oct 2, 2023. Brad mentioned the word shot. At 2 am I woke up , worried I would get a strike and deleted that section. At 8 am . I got a notification from Youtube that the video was marked medical misinformation and gave Super Soldier Talk a strike, despite my late night edit. Youtube’s wants controversial channels to keep posting ,so you would make the mistake on a second strike , then they would immediately go back up to three years in time and give you a third strike and all work is lost. I will still be doing live streams on the back up YouTube channel until January 2024, please subscribe over there. The full archive is on rumble, including the two years of content I was forced to purge off of YouTube because of new censoring rules in 2021. Also you can please support this work by donating at by buying a meditation cube at


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