Tuesday, April 16, 2024

Youtube Censorship of Super Soldier Talk and Miles Johnston Bases Series

A month ago YouTube deleted Kerry Cassidy’s Project Camelot off of YouTube. Then last week July 23 , 2021 YouTube deleted Miles Johnston’s bases series and this week I was being targeted with multiple copyright strikes which has placed Super Soldier Talk in near deletion status . The first video deleted on my channel by YouTube was a year old video by Kimberly Murphy in which she shared her milab experiences and dreams about the future which included predictions about the covid timelines, youtube branded this as medical misinformation . The next video they took down was from August of 2019 in which Patricia a grandma living in Texas shared her dreams about the human trafficking rescue operations around Jeffery Epstein, this video even though it was on Youtube for two years was now suddenly branded harassment , threats, and  cyber bullying. The next day Youtube deleted one of Kosol Ouch’s unimatrix videos done over a year ago in which he channeled a message from the covid virus. Youtube branded this channeled message as dangerous medical misinformation which contradicts vaccination recommendations, however this video was released well before vaccines were even being discussed anywhere. Youtube did not delete my entire account, however as a result of all this censorship I have decided to pull the plug on all videos from the Covid Era and move them to a more secure platform. In the meantime stay tuned here for updates to find the latest interviews. You can find me on Rumble now: https://rumble.com/user/supersoldiertalk



  1. “Rumble announced deals with democratic representative Tulsi Gabbard….Rumble forbids antisemitism”
    I’ll pass on rumble for those two reasons alone.


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